Monday, December 23, 2013

Fate (The Magic of the Black Forest #3) by Macy Farmer

After defeating Andrew and Anthony, Natalia and Bradley thought their lives would get easier. They quickly learn that nothing is easy with Margaret, Bradley’s evil ex-girlfriend, around. Tormenting them every chance she gets, Margaret is hell-bent on getting her ex-lover back, at any cost. 

Unfortunately they underestimate the lengths Margaret will go to get what she wants. Bradley’s worst fears come true when she takes away his reason for living. A dying Natalia demands that Bradley make Margaret pay for what she’s done. He agrees to leave his wife’s side only after she swears that she can heal her wounds using magic. 

Realizing that Natalia can’t heal herself, Dave stays behind. To prevent more pain, he makes the ultimate sacrifice and goes against his best friend’s wishes by taking away everything Bradley has ever wanted for his wife.
Death and a life altering change will put Bradley’s love for Natalia to the test.

Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania. The youngest of three, Macy started telling stories at an early age. As a young adult she began writing poems and short stories. 

Today, Macy, a romantic with a creative imagination spends most of her free time writing. If she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys riding ATV’s with her husband on the trails of upper Pennsylvania’s State Forests.
Her love for writing romance, reading and life, led her to fulfill her childhood dreams of becoming a Paranormal Romance Writer.

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