Monday, December 30, 2013

Dreamlike State (The Magic of the Black Forest #1) by Macy Farmer Author Interview Quickies

Natalia spends her days in her dreamlike world fantasizing about love to escape from reality. 

Bradley has it all except for the one thing he wants most, a soul mate to spend eternity with.

After tragically losing her parents, Natalia takes a vacation that leads her on a journey, which brings them together. 

Together they face the challenges of a jealous ex-lover, an estranged father and a sadistic friend. They all have one thing in common, to keep Bradley and Natalia apart. And they’ll do anything to end their relationship, even murder.

Will Bradley and Natalia’s love be enough to defeat all who wish to destroy it?

1. Favorite place? 

In my husband’s arms

2. Best Christmas present?

An engagement ring. My husband proposed to me on Christmas.
3. Favorite book(s)? 
Books written by Katie Perry, Cianna Stone, Carol Rose, Ellen Fisher, Bella Andre, Jan Gordon, Sylvia Day, Carl East, Kelley Armstrong, RL Mathewson, Nicky Charles and many more.

4. Favorite author? 

I don’t really have a favorite author but I loved every one of Nicky Charles’ books.

5. Favorite smell? 

6. Favorite TV series? 

Duck Dynasty

7. Nickname? 


8. Favorite writing spot?

Anywhere outside, surrounded by trees. The forest. 

9. Favorite movie? 

I have several favorite movies. The ones that popped into my mind first were ‘A Lot Like Love’ and “50 First Dates’.

10. Favorite food? 

Fruit: grapes, watermelon, bananas, cantaloupe to name a few.

11. Favorite color? 

Like all the others, I don’t have one favorite. Red, blue, green and yellow to put it simply.

12. Favorite quote?

Live Simply, Laugh Often and Love Always.

13. A bunch of small gifts or one big expensive one? 

Either, it’s the thought that counts. I prefer to be the one giving the gifts instead of receiving them.

14. Your best trait? 

My eyes

15. Your worst trait?

Too critical of myself

16. Skittles or M&Ms? 

M&Ms, of course. They melt in your mouth, not your hands. *Giggle*

Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania. The youngest of three, Macy started telling stories at an early age. As a young adult she began writing poems and short stories.

Today, Macy, a romantic with a creative imagination spends most of her free time writing. If she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys riding ATV’s with her husband on the trails of upper Pennsylvania’s State Forests.

Her love for writing romance, reading and life, led her to fulfill her childhood dreams of becoming a Paranormal Romance Writer.

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