Saturday, December 1, 2012

K. Daniels Spotlight :)

A Reason to Run tells the story of three women whose paths cross after each makes the decision to run. A plane attempts an unsuccessful emergency landing in west Texas . Robin's husband was supposed to be on the plane, but missed his flight. Marissa's husband should have been camping in the area, but lied about his plans. And Autumn's daughter has witnessed the crashed landing, after she ran away. With nothing in common except their life-altering problems, the women will have an opportunity to help one another when their paths cross. If they do, they will earn a trait they are lacking to help solve their problems. If they don't, they will be forever stuck. The reasons they run, the decisions they make, takes them in directions they never imagined.

About this author:
I live in Sugar Land, Texas, adjusting to the life of an empty-nester. My first novel "Three Days in Purgatory" was self-published in 2008. My new novel "A Reason to Run" was released through an e-publisher October 2012. I write women's fiction, heavy on suspense.

Available in eformat and can be purchased through Amazon, B&N, Musa Publishing

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